Northern California Awakko 
    (Tokushima Kenjin-kai)

Let's Dance Together at Cherry Blossom Festival!

  We're Going to dance in the grand parade and then perform at the Peace Plaza on Sunday, April 20th. Please join us!!

【Awa-odori Dance Group】

Awakko-Ren is a Bay Area dance group founded in 2011.  Its main focus is Awa-Odori, a traditional dance from Tokushima Prefecture on the island of Shikoku.  Awa-Odori is one of the biggest dance festivals in Japan – celebrated in the streets of Tokushima City every August for over 400 years.  The members of Awakko-Ren wanted to form a group for people who loved to dance Awa-Odori.  

We have Awa-odori Dance practice. 
If you are interested in dancing or playing Japanese Ohayashi-Music, please join us.

【Practice】 :

2nd & 4th Sundays in San Francisco  

Place : YamaSho Japanese Restaurant
            1161 Post St  San Francisco, CA 94109  
Time : 1:00 ~ 3:00pm   

☆February 9th (Sunday)
February 16th (Sunday)
February 23rd (Sunday)
☆March 3rd (Sunday)
March 16th (Sunday)
March 23rd (Sunday)
☆April 6th (Sunday)
☆April 12th (Saturday)

More information for practice : Rimiko <ncal.awakko@gmail.com>

Awa-odori dance is quite simple!  Let's dance together!!
Information is here: Awa-odori Wikipedia

Japan Turism Agency PR Video

ファイル:Awa-odori 2008 Tokushima.jpg
                                     Female Style Dance                        from Wikipedia
ファイル:Awa-odori 2008 Tokushima 02.jpg
Male Style dance (Often females and kids dance this style)  from Wikipedia

Music instruments (Taiko, Shinobue, Shamisen, Kane etc.)

Awakko-ren at San Francisco Kimono Day

【Sudachi Citrus Lover】
You can grow SUCAHI here in California.
 "Awakko" started grow Sudachi trees.
 Some grafted trees are available now!!

                 Sudachi citrus(Trees) are available now!!

Grafted Sudachi Trees

Sudachi Citrus (Fruits) Season : September ~ November
We will post when they are available!     

【Contact information】
 Rimiko Berreman


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